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Our Social Work

1. Mapin Industrial Company runs a charity trust in name of Sushilaben Desai Charitable trust. This is a government recognised Charitable trust, with 80G tax excemption Certificate. Depending on resources available, we give scholarship for economically weak deserving students diserous of entering the Engineering or Medical stream.

2. Let us make Eye donation as an Indian tradition. Mapin Industries is promoting eye donation in India in our own way:
Gift of sight is the
you can ever give!
Here's how you can help give the greatest gift possible:
Start with yourself. Pledge to donate your eyes on death, Talk to your friends convince them to do the same and finally talk to the members of your society - you will be surprised to find many wanted to donate but simple didn't know how to go about it. Write to us about your succeess and we will print it here on this website.

For every pair of eyes donated, two people will get sight and they will quitely thank you every day of their lives.

Tell your family how you feel.
Print out the family declaration form.

Tissue, organs and eyes may be recovered from any donor, regardless of age.

There is no charge to you or your family for organ and tissue donation.

Organ and tissue donation is supported by all major religions.

Recovery of organs and tissue is a surgical procedure that will not affect customary funeral arrangements or alter body appearance in any way.

Donors make a difference.
Be a Donor Make a pledge today!

Eye Bank Phone Numbers

Ira & Iris: The Movie

Ira & Iris are ready to promote eye donation. Are you?

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